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Why Are Winter Tires Safer Options As Compared To All-Season Tires?

As the mercury starts to drop, the Canadians know it’s time to get the car ready for the winters. All of us indeed bundle up warm clothes – but why not our vehicles?

In this blog, we’ll share points on why you should install winter tires Brampton to enhance your security while driving in winters.

Winter tires or snow tires are designed with deep grooves and large treads to prevent snow and ice from getting packed into the casings. They assist in having a more exceptional grip on the surface of the road filled with snow. The treads and grooves provide not only better traction but also more significant braking and handling at freezing temperatures.

Difference between Winter Tires and All-Season Tires

Rubber gets hard when the temperature drops, i.e. below 7C or 45F. It means you have reduced grip on the road. In case you’re using all-season or all-winter tires, it can make you more vulnerable to accidents as compared to summers. The winter tires are designed in such a manner that its rubber stays softer at colder temperature conditions and also has more flexibility.

A winter tire performs well in the winter season. On warm roads, they wear out faster, and it’s highly recommended to swap your tires with the changing weather conditions.

Safer on winter roads

Snowy conditions are the time when winter tires Brampton shines. It is seen that on the slight inclines, the all-season tires spin fruitlessly. However, the winter tires provide a grip and keep the vehicle moving with lesser issues. Therefore, the car is probably stable when you drive on the snow with anti lock brake action.

Wet or Dry, Ice or Snow

At some places, there’s significant rainfall throughout the winter season. The winter tires provide you extra grip on the roads no matter what. You much safer with winter tires Brampton even if it’s wet or dry road condition.

Moreover, these tires provide enhanced performance by pushing water out and maintaining your grip on the road. It is advised to look for any local restriction at the time you invest in such tires. They have unique treads for better water displacement and also to grip the ice better than other tires.

Stopping Power

The braking distance is based on both the weather and road conditions. In case the roads are dry, you’ve much more time as well as you come near to a stop. In the worse weather conditions, the braking distance reduces drastically. There is no need for you to worry in the case you’ve installed winter tires. They are technically designed to avoid a crash in different circumstances.

So, you agree with the benefits of installing winter tires in Brampton? Apart from reducing the chances of your losing control, the winter tire minimizes the time and distance required to make a complete stop. You get more significant water displacement and a better ice grip, as well.