Summer Tire Inspection

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Summer Tire Inspection Brampton

It is always important to perform regular inspections on your summer tires before you hit the road. The inspection makes you catch signs of damage as well as wear and tear. It also prevents you from any kind of potential hazard. Moreover, enhanced cracks, bulges, or reduced tread depth are the signs to make a tire replacement in Brampton. It becomes quite necessary to replace a tire if your tire’s tread depth reaches 2/32” in summer and 4/32” in winter. 

Harrad Auto Services carries out quality operations to predict tires’ condition and tell if they might need replacement. We will check your tires’ tread depth with the help of a tire tread depth gauge. It’s all on us. We will give a fair suggestion by keeping your safety on priority.

What else we check:

What else we check:

  • Tire Pressure
  • Cracks or Bulges
  • Tread block or
  • Sidewall Cracking
  • Tire Age
  • Tire Replacement Checks your car’s tread road-ready? To know, let us do a quick check and give a fix if required. Book Now.
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