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Free Estimates on All Repairs & Body Work!!

We strive to repair and deliver your car in an absolutely hassle-free experience. Our goal is to serve you beyond your expectations.

Get online or on-call appointments to know all the costs related to repair and bodywork. All types of estimates are provided free of cost . After the assessment of repair costs, we will discuss your options for repair.

Our technicians repair like a pro! Like it’s an all-new car! Harrad Auto services is a perfect shop for your fixation and restoration requirements. Receive your vehicle in its pre-accident condition.

Receive your vehicle in its pre-accident condition

From minor dents to major ones, we have all the significant types of equipment required. and a passionate team to take on any job – easy or hard.  We are always customer-oriented. To finish the repairs, we also offer detailing courtesy to all our customers of repairs. We provide 100% quality service and work satisfaction.

We also cover denting and painting, that too in its original color and texture. We ensure the accuracy and quality of work provided for your satisfaction.

It must be noted that a given estimate is a rough idea based on visible damage. The actual charges will be nearly above or beyond the estimate given. The actual cost will only be calculated once the service has been delivered or you can visit us with your car and have your expenses discussed.

Reach us anytime for the free estimate.

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