Tire Rotation / Wheel Balance

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Tire Rotation/Wheel Balance

Experiencing unwanted vibration in your vehicle? No worries! when there is Harrad Auto Service for your help. Visit us if your vehicle creates a shaking hindrance or unexplained vibration.

Our automobile experts will re-balance your vehicle’s wheels to stop unwanted vibrations.

Ensures you a safe and secure Journey

Harrad Auto Services is a one-stop-shop for all your automotive demands. Be it the brake services, wheel alignment, wheel balancing, or inspection of the car, we assure you to offer a wide range of quality services at affordable prices and in the shortest period.

Reasons that cause to have Wheel Balancing

Vibration Throughout the vehicle: 
Sometimes you feel sudden vibrations in the seat, steering, or in the brake pedal. These vibrations are noticeable at higher speeds.

Decreased fuel economy: 
Well, it is all about the distance traveled and fuel consumed. The drop in fuel economy fails to yield optimal performance due to imbalanced wheels.

Unwanted noise out from your vehicle:

Imbalancing sometimes causes a buzzing or humming sound due to overspeeding.

Any of these can cause you to get your wheel balanced on time to further prevent potential injury or danger. Harrad Auto Services are providing the best tire balancing solutions. You can always approach us at 905 494 0279.

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