Winter Tire Safety Inspection

Winter Tire Safety Inspection

It is a must to take precautionary measures to avoid accidents during winters.  The roads in winters are slippery and have close to zero visibility.  A routine check-up of your vehicle for damaging problems should be done once every month.

We can help you with the following services related to tire safety and its repair.

  • Rim Clean- Rim cleaning is necessary to remove dirt build-up on the rim as it causes air leakage. Also, this is a very common issue occurring in every vehicle. Harrad Auto Services ensures effective rim cleaning that would reduce air leakage by near to 0 percent.
  • Changeover- you can definitely count on us if you want to switch your summer/winter tires with winter/summer tires. Our services further include a complete tire inspection, tire balancing, and tire pressure check.
  • Tire Rotation- If your tires are unevenly worn out, you can get your tires shifted from one position to another. 

We are best known for keeping your vehicle in top-notch working conditions. Harrad Auto Services is a licensed facility in Brampton. We provide high-end vehicle safety inspection by our trained technicians.

Winter Tire Safety Inspection

What will we inspect for your safety?

BATTERY:We check if it gets charged and to avoid kick-off hindrances.

TIRES: We ensure 50% tread left for safe driving during winters. We will guide you over the best traction tires that are of high quality.

LIGHTS: Headlights are well-adjusted and well-positioned.

BRAKES: We ensure good working conditions of brakes in winters. We always suggest regular inspection for you and your vehicle’s ultimate safety.

WIPERS:We check if the windshield wipers are crafted for the winter season to avoids streaking.

We make sure if radiator cap, water pump, and thermostat work fine.


We check the leaks and other parameters.

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Ensures you a safe and secure Journey

Harrad Auto Services is a one-stop-shop for all your automotive demands. Be it the brake services, wheel alignment, wheel balancing, or inspection of the car, we assure you to offer a wide range of quality services at affordable prices and in the shortest period.