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Oil Change

Changing oil at regular intervals keeps the engine lubricated, clean, and protected. This reduces engines’ wear, tear and increases fuel efficiency. Harrad Auto Services in Brampton provide a stay-in-car oil change service in no time. The oil we replace is of superior quality and market-trusted. Be it any Truck or SUV, a Car, or Crossover, we are on it.

As per the recorded estimate, there is a need for an oil change every time your vehicle covers a run of 30,000 miles. Although this can be based on your driving habits along with other factors such as the age of your vehicle and the quality of oil you use. If you won’t change the oil in your vehicle, with time, it might build up a gel-like sludge resulting in oil starvation to the parts of the engine such as bearing, crankshafts, etc.

Harrad Auto Services provide the cleanest oil change service in Brampton. We make sure it’s a mess-free service. Our experts/technicians will make you wait for less time in a line. Also, they will provide guidance over oil change services.

When you need Oil change service exactly:

  • If you are driving with dirty oil
  • Not enough oil in the vehicle
  • Excessive Driving
  • Repeated cooling and heating
  • Also, if you detect a leak

And many more instances that will state you towards an oil change. Book an appointment today to avoid engine issues and extend your vehicle’s shelf life.

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What makes Harrad Auto a cut above the rest?

There are general mechanics and then there are specialists. We’re the latter. Our expertise allows us to pinpoint the exact issue with your ride and we waste no time in addressing the same. We offer cost effective and time effective service to our clients. Whatever the damage, you can be rest assured that we’ll fix anything that comes our way. That’s what defines a great automotive service and repair center.We offer a wide range of maintenance services like oil change, wheel alignment, hydraulic fluid change, battery change, and much more.Our expert in house team of mechanics and technicians take charge from the moment you enter our facility.Harrad Auto is spanned over a large area to be able to accommodate large no. of cars at a time so you don’t have to wait longer than necessary for servicing or repairs.It doesn’t matter if your car is old or new, parts availability is never an issue with us. We cater to everything automobile, from small wagons to highway trucks. Our large facility accommodates all under a single roof.