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Signs that show that your windshield needs replacement

Anyone who looks at the car, the first and foremost thing that gazes at the eye is the windshield of the car. While driving a car on the road, the windshield is also important for visual navigation just like the engine is for your car to run. Your risk can be at high risk if you have a damaged windshield. This is why it is always advised to repair the damaged windshield or replace it with the new one.

It is quite easy to notice the big cracks on the windshield but it is very hard to see the small cracks with the naked eyes on the windshield. It is almost next to impossible to prevent these small cracks on your windshield, however, there are various measures that can help you limit the cause of windshield getting damaged.

There are people who use many DIYs to repair the windshield by themselves, but there are times when your windshield needs more than just a repair. It is always beneficial to seek guidance from the experts and then repair or replace your damaged windshield accordingly. Suggested by many car auto repair shops Brampton; here are some of the major signs that show your car windshield needs to replaced with the help of the experts.

If it is blocking your view

As soon as, you are not able to get a clear view from the windshield; you must know that it needs to be replaced. This is one of the foremost signs that you can easily detect. There is hardly anything such as chip, crack or discoloration; so if you mistake a crack on your car with that of another car then you can lead to a total loss wreck.

Cracks on the windshield

Cracks are something which is the most dangerous happening caused to your windshield. One small crack can also lead to big and hazardous incidents. Driving with a crack on the windshield can increase the risk level in a car accident. if you already know that there is a crack that exits on your windshield, you should right away need to replace it repair it.

A vehicle safety inspection test coming up

With a crack on the windshield, you might not want your vehicle to fail in the safety inspection test that is coming up.  If by any case, the inspection teams find that the view of the driver is being obstructed then you might fully fail in the safety inspection which can cause you big harm. Rather then, feeling guilty for it you should try to avoid this situation by replacing your windshield with a new one.

Chips on windshield

You might not need to fully replace the windshield just because of a small chip on your windshield. As, most of them can be repaired easily, until and unless they are not causing any trouble in the view. Although there are small they can also lead to big problems if neglected and not repaired on time.

Scratches on your windshield

Scratches don’t cause much damage to the windshields, but ignoring then for too long can lead to devastating problems that may arise in the future. In the long run, the scratches can become bigger and can shatter the entire windshield.

Any part of the windshield is missing

If you find that any part of your windshield is missing then this is signal that you must replace your windshield as soon as possible. A missing part means that any pest or insect can easily enter through the hole and can cause also make trouble for you while you are driving. So, it is advised that anytime you see a part is missing on your windshield then you must replace it.

Not fixed the previous windshield problem properly

If you notice wind noise, leak or any other installation problems just after your new windshield settles in, then you must know that you need to replace your windshield one more time.

White haze noticeable at the edges of the glass

Most of the windshields are treated with a special kind of plastic called, Poly Vinyl Butral, which ensures that in case of windshields, gets shattered, it does so into minute chunks which won’t cut the occupants or the passerby during the collision or accident. So, if you notice a white haze around the edges of the glass, know that it means the plastic has started getting separated from the glass, which is a sign that you must replace the windshield.


For riding safely and securely you need to repair or replace the required tools and machinery in your car. Proper car servicing will make your car run more smoothly and flawlessly. Repairing windshields when required is one of the major roles when you need to drive safely. So, whenever you come across any of the above-mentioned signs, you know what to do right!