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Automotive advancements

Top 4 automotive advancements to look forward

Ever since the first car was invented, automotive technology has forge way ahead than one could ever think of. The world of the automotive industry is constantly emerging be it the safety features, entertainment ones, or the driving features, everything is getting advanced day by day. Whether you want to buy a new car or want to exchange am old one, you must be familiar with the advancements that take place in the automotive industries.

With the rise of advancements in the vehicles, the visits to the service stations have been reduced, but even then to increase the life span of the vehicle you must take your vehicle to the best auto repair services in Brampton which offers the quality of work in minimal cost.

In keeping you updated about all the advancements breeding in the automotive industry, we have listed below some major technologies that you must look forward to in the coming years.

Autonomous Vehicle

Pay heed to the title here, we have not mentioned about the technology of being fully automated. A fully autonomous vehicle means a car being droved without any driver or any human intervention which is still under progress to be fully achieved. This technology hasn’t been hit till now, but surely in the coming years, we will experience this advancement in our cars and will be enjoying the ride of the Autonomous vehicle.

Connected Apps

We all know how smartphones have evolved in recent years, making our lives much easier. Everything around us is being connected to our mobile apps, whether it is our doorbell or the camera placed at our home, we have all the access connected with our smartphones. Similarly, the automotive industry has also changed the way of our living as now our car features are connected with our mobile devices and apps. In the coming years look for the apps that have features like locking or unlocking the car from a distance, checking gas status, or tire pressure while buying a new car. But before choosing the app, you must go through the subscription policy of the app, that whether the subscription is free or paid, and if paid what is the duration of the plan they are offering.

Biometric access

Just like the biometric technology we are using in our cell phones, soon we will also be using the biometric features in the cars and other vehicles. We have already seen a change in recent years from going keyless to automatic start of the vehicle. And Biometric access is not something that can astonish us much in the automotive industry.

Adaptive cruise control

This technology allows you to match the speed of your car with the speed of the car going ahead of you. This helps you to not hit the brakes constantly while the car in front changes its speed. This technology also has some cons, as giving this much control to the car can affect us in many ways.


So far we have seen a rapid change in the automotive industry which is benefiting and making our lives much easier. With all these above-mentioned advancements, the world of the automotive industry is gradually pacing and providing a better living to all of us.


A complete guide for brake pads that you need to know

The world of automotive systems has come a long way. Earlier, we used to mechanically operate brake shoes, now our cars consist of ABS systems which have made our lives easier. But all these components do need repairs and replacements after being operated for a long period.

The components that go through the most wear and tear are the brake pads of the car. Thus, it is always a great option to opt for Original Equipment Systems (OEM) braking systems. However, there are multiple options and it is difficult to choose the right brake pad for your car among all. Before the brake pad fully wears out it is advised to replace them to stay safe and secure. Here are major three things to consider before you choose the accurate brake pad for your car.

Understand the need to replace the brake pad:
Manufacturers of automotive systems suggest that brake pads must be replaced after they have completed about 30,000- 40,000 miles. The tires and the brakes work hand-in-hand, this is why it is advised to replace both brake pad and brake show at the same time. After you have driven about 50,000 miles there is a need to replace the brake pads for your vehicle.

The features you should look for in brake pads:
When you look to change your brake pads, you must consider the following features in your brake pad:
Performance in the different weather: Whether it is dry, cold, rainy, hot or wet, there would be no performance difficulty for the brake pads in any climate.

Friction level:
No matter what, if the brake pads are of good material, their friction the level will not be disturbed.

The lifetime:
Before buying the brake pads, you must ensure the lifetime of them. They should most likely to suffer from maximum wear and tear.

Vibration or noise:
Before buying the perfect brake pads, you must go through the noise and vibration check. So, you don’t have to deal with any major problems afterward.

Check for dust levels:
The brake pads are the major collectors of dust than the clings on the wheels. You must ensure to check for dust levels before you finalize the brake pads.

Look into different types of Brake pads:
Well, it is always a good option to opt for OEM brake pads, but before you finalize to buy the perfect brake pad for your car, you must look into the materials which are mostly used to make a brake pad:

Organic Brake pads:
These types of brake pads are built with materials like rubber, glass and Non-Asbestos Organic (NAO) that are eco-friendly and organic. They do not produce loud noises and are built of soft materials. Thus, there are greater chances of this type of brake pad to wear out easily and quickly.

Semi-metallic brake pads:
Most of the vehicle consist of semi-metallic brake pads nowadays. These comprise of metals like steel, iron, and copper from 30%to 70%. These kinds of brake pads are likely to perform better in different weather conditions and are also durable. The major disadvantage of this type is it produces more noise and dust as compared with the Organic one.

Ceramic Brake pads:
They fall under the most expensive category of brake pads built of ceramic fibres which are combined with filler materials. These are likely to last long but the drawback of this material is that they don’t work so well in the colder weather as the material with which it is made is likely to crack in the cold weather.

No matter whichever type of brake pad you decide for your car; it is essential to install the brake pads safely to reduce further risks. It is always advised to install the brake pads under professional guidance in order to omit the risks that can cause dangerous incidents in the near future. You can always count on Harrad Auto services; the best auto mechanics in Brampton for your car maintenance and its services.

Cleans frozen windshield

Signs that show that your windshield needs replacement

Anyone who looks at the car, the first and foremost thing that gazes at the eye is the windshield of the car. While driving a car on the road, the windshield is also important for visual navigation just like the engine is for your car to run. Your risk can be at high risk if you have a damaged windshield. This is why it is always advised to repair the damaged windshield or replace it with the new one.

It is quite easy to notice the big cracks on the windshield but it is very hard to see the small cracks with the naked eyes on the windshield. It is almost next to impossible to prevent these small cracks on your windshield, however, there are various measures that can help you limit the cause of windshield getting damaged.

There are people who use many DIYs to repair the windshield by themselves, but there are times when your windshield needs more than just a repair. It is always beneficial to seek guidance from the experts and then repair or replace your damaged windshield accordingly. Suggested by many car auto repair shops Brampton; here are some of the major signs that show your car windshield needs to replaced with the help of the experts.

If it is blocking your view

As soon as, you are not able to get a clear view from the windshield; you must know that it needs to be replaced. This is one of the foremost signs that you can easily detect. There is hardly anything such as chip, crack or discoloration; so if you mistake a crack on your car with that of another car then you can lead to a total loss wreck.

Cracks on the windshield

Cracks are something which is the most dangerous happening caused to your windshield. One small crack can also lead to big and hazardous incidents. Driving with a crack on the windshield can increase the risk level in a car accident. if you already know that there is a crack that exits on your windshield, you should right away need to replace it repair it.

A vehicle safety inspection test coming up

With a crack on the windshield, you might not want your vehicle to fail in the safety inspection test that is coming up.  If by any case, the inspection teams find that the view of the driver is being obstructed then you might fully fail in the safety inspection which can cause you big harm. Rather then, feeling guilty for it you should try to avoid this situation by replacing your windshield with a new one.

Chips on windshield

You might not need to fully replace the windshield just because of a small chip on your windshield. As, most of them can be repaired easily, until and unless they are not causing any trouble in the view. Although there are small they can also lead to big problems if neglected and not repaired on time.

Scratches on your windshield

Scratches don’t cause much damage to the windshields, but ignoring then for too long can lead to devastating problems that may arise in the future. In the long run, the scratches can become bigger and can shatter the entire windshield.

Any part of the windshield is missing

If you find that any part of your windshield is missing then this is signal that you must replace your windshield as soon as possible. A missing part means that any pest or insect can easily enter through the hole and can cause also make trouble for you while you are driving. So, it is advised that anytime you see a part is missing on your windshield then you must replace it.

Not fixed the previous windshield problem properly

If you notice wind noise, leak or any other installation problems just after your new windshield settles in, then you must know that you need to replace your windshield one more time.

White haze noticeable at the edges of the glass

Most of the windshields are treated with a special kind of plastic called, Poly Vinyl Butral, which ensures that in case of windshields, gets shattered, it does so into minute chunks which won’t cut the occupants or the passerby during the collision or accident. So, if you notice a white haze around the edges of the glass, know that it means the plastic has started getting separated from the glass, which is a sign that you must replace the windshield.


For riding safely and securely you need to repair or replace the required tools and machinery in your car. Proper car servicing will make your car run more smoothly and flawlessly. Repairing windshields when required is one of the major roles when you need to drive safely. So, whenever you come across any of the above-mentioned signs, you know what to do right!