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How to Keep Your Car Brakes In A Good Working Condition

The most important part of the brakes of your care is safety but we don’t give enough attentions to its importance. Brakes sacrifice their life by creating huge amount of heat and friction to stop your car.

Braking put the more car weight on front wheels than rear wheels so is important to get check the front and rear Brakes in Brampton regularly before getting panic on no response on hitting brake. However, we can avoid significant repairs and extend the life of brake pads with the help of these suggestions as below:

1. Avoid sudden brake: At some point, we all have to slam on the brakes but we never have an idea what it can do our vehicle and to braking system. It is not only bad for your car but you can also lose your control on snow and wet roads and can throw you and other passengers forward. This could result in neck and brain injuries so we should avoid slamming unless it is necessary. It is better to slow down well before stopping at traffic lights or before turning to avoid the sudden stop.

2. Braking technique in mountains: Friction and heat is generated depending upon the height of the hill, which affects the brake system and other components as well. Brake fluid get hot and make the brake pedal fade. It is important to use lower gear while going up to control speed.

3. Practice Coasting: Coasting is the easy way to avoid brake killing speed. In coasting technique when you take foot off from the gas pedal, your vehicle slows down before brake naturally. But it tends to work well in situations like before turning or before the traffic light or slow traffic.

4. Avoid overloading your vehicle: Carrying only necessary items in your car will be easier on tires, gas and brakes. Overloading vehicle can have significantly impact on brake pads so it is necessary to avoid additional weight on vehicle for the better life of brakes. Weight of aftermarket products can also affect the health the brakes. Heavy boxes can place additional pressure on brakes and wear down the pads of brakes.

5. Avoid unnecessary brakes: Keeping safe distance between your vehicle and front vehicle can avoid hard braking because too many brakes causes brakes to wear. Therefore, it is not advised not to be follower on the road and limit the speed of your vehicle. If you are in area where frequent brakes are necessary then slow the speed to lessen the burden on brakes while using them. Braking system of vehicle will require more effort to stop in high speed. Speed is the enemy of brakes.