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5 major exhaust and muffler problems that your car might face

Have you ever experienced a loud rumbling sound from the back of your vehicle? Well, if yes, then you are likely to have some issues with the muffler or the exhaust system. There will be a sharp dip in the mileage if the byproducts of burning gasoline are not able to come out of the fuel system. Ignoring these problems can lead to more expensive replacements and repairs which might be a trouble maker for you in the near future.

Despite the problems that occur, it is very important to fix these certain issues especially if they are related to the exhaust and muffler of your vehicles. If you are a resident of Brampton, then you will be amazed to know that there are variant car mechanics in Brampton to help you with your vehicle problems.

Reduced fuel economy

One sign that you are facing a problem with your exhaust is a noticeable reduction in the fuel economy. Although there are various causes of this problem, it is an explicit symptom that the fuel economy is affected due to the underperformance of your car exhaust. When the exhaust is not able to perform properly then, the engine has to work harder which causes more burning of the fuel.

Slow Acceleration

If you are facing problem to accelerate even while on take-off from the standing start or have to plant your foot down deeper and deeper on the accelerator to extract power from the motor, then this is a signal that your exhaust is not working properly.

Excessive Noise of engine/ exhaust

If you are experiencing more noise than usual, then this is a sign that your muffler has been damaged or there might be cracks in the pipe. The exhaust will emit a growling kind of sound if your exhaust system has compromised anywhere. You should not ignore this sound for a number of reasons like, the performance of fuel economy will be reduced.

The stench of strong gasses

When there is a stench of strong gases coming anywhere out of your vehicle than are chances that there is a leak in the pipe or maybe the catalytic converter is broken or damaged. This problem should be overlooked immediately as these gases can leak into the car’s cabin and cause severe health issues.


There is nothing more dangerous than rust for the exhaust system. When the car is in use it burns everything and when the car is not in use, the exhaust system cools down and can attract moisture. This moisture can cause rust in the mufflers or in the end of the pipe. If you find more condensation than normal then you should take immediate action to resolve this problem.


It doesn’t matter which vehicle you drive; if in case you are facing any of the problems mentioned above you should immediately take action. After all, if your vehicle is safe, automatically you are also safe. Also, if you need to seek advice from the experts; you can always rely on Harrad Auto Services; a trusted company for best automotive services with efficient repairs and cost.

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