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Power Steering wheels

Major Reasons of steering wheels not turning smoothly

The steering system of any vehicle is one of the most important components, without which the vehicle moves only in a straight direction. There are various problems which are concerned with the steering system that a driver may face while driving. One of the biggest problems is; when it becomes hard to turn the steering wheel, especially when the vehicle is at low speed. This problem can put you at high risk and can affect the vehicle also.

The steering system is built up of variant parts, each of which serves a specific purpose. Any damage to any of the component can cause difficulty to the driver and can also risk the life of driver as well as the members riding the vehicle. Therefore, it is important to understand the major causes of behind the stiffness of the steering wheels and how can it be fixed. Delayed service or lack of maintenance are some major causes of steering wheel not able to move swiftly. This is the reason that most of the car repair services in Brampton, suggests regular maintenance of the car and other components of the vehicle.

To help you understand the reasons for the stiff steering wheel, we have mentioned some major causes for the same. Also, we have listed below some of the major tips to fix the issue.


Let’s discuss step causes first:


Leakage in steering fluid
The steering fluid helps in the proper functioning of the steering system. Thus, if there is any leakage in the steering fluid, it will get very difficult to work properly. The leakage usually takes place when the pressurised hose area get loosened or develop a leak. Due to insufficient amount of lubrication in the steering system, it becomes difficult for the steering wheel to function smoothly, therefore the steering it gets quite difficult for the driver to turn the steering wheels ion such a situation.


Thick Steering fluid
Lubrication in the steering system is very important as it helps in the easy working of all the other components. With time, the fluid is obvious to collect dirt and debris, which causes the fluid to become thick. This tricked fluid further causes problems such as restricting the flow of the fluid while turning the vehicle swirly and easily.


Adverse/ Worsen steering rack
The steering rack is adjoined to the wheel through a set of shafts and U-joints. Due to the everyday driving, the shafts and the U-joints are tend to get worsen and the steering wheel gets damaged. In case you experience a stiff steering right after you start the car, then this is a sign that there is a problem with the steering rack. The steering wheel will work freely, once you keep driving, as the rack gets hotter as the engine ignites and allows the lubricant to get settled. You must ensure to replace the steering rack, before it gets more damaged.


Failure of steering pump
The working of they power steering pump is very important as it produces the amount of pressure which helps the steering wheel to work smoothly and swiftly. In case, the pump stop working, then this will become very difficult for the vehicle to turn especially at slow speed, because eventually speed gets reduced while turning the vehicles.


Let us now discuss how to fix these issues related to the steering wheel not working smoothly:


Check for the fluid levels:
This is suggested because the inadequate amount of the fluid makes it difficult for the steering components to freely work without causing any issue. This further results in the stiffness of the steering wheel and thus it become hard to easily move the steering.


Check the steering pump properly:
It is always advised to inspect the steering pump properly, if you find any damage, then you must ensure to repair or replace it on time before it worsens and causes risk while you drive the vehicle.


No matter what, once in you driving journey, you might experience this situation, where it becomes very hard for you too turn the steering wheels especially at a slow speed. This is why it is always a better move to keep a regular check on all the components of your vehicle so that the situation doesn’t get worst. Also, major damages includes huge cost, so in order to prevent it is always good to take your vehicle for best auto repair services in Brampton just like Harrad Auto Services.


6 Tips to avoid hydroplaning and how to prevent it

6 Tips to avoid hydroplaning and how to prevent it

Have you ever experienced skid while driving your vehicle on a rainy day or on a wet road? In case you have experienced it, this is commonly known as Hydroplaning. Hydroplaning means when the vehicle skids across the wet roads. It occurs when the water on the road causes the tires to not function properly and can impact in the loss of steering and the brakes.

One must understand why Hydroplaning is so dangerous and how can they prevent it in order to stay safe while driving. In order to help you out, we have mentioned below some of the major ways to avoid hydroplaning and how to handle it in case you experience hydroplaning.

Lets discuss what are the preventive methods that you can consider to avoid hydroplaning:

Limit the speed

It is suggested by most of the professionals that hydroplaning take place when the speed is high. Thus, its a good option to drive at a very slow speed as soon as you find that it is about to rain. The higher the speed will be of the vehicle, more the damage will be experienced by you. This is the reason why car repairs service in Brampton ensures to suggest to limit the speed during the rainy season.

Rotate your car wheels on regular basis

It is very important to maintain the car on a regular basis in order to keep it away from any major damage or wear or tear. Rotating the car wheels regularly not only makes the wheels runs smoother but it also enhances the durability of the wheels. In order to avoid hydroplaning on the wet roads, it is very important to balance the car wheels overtime you visit the repair service station for oil change.

Avoid Cruise control

No doubt, using cruise control system is quite suitable, but it doesn’t alert the driver about the speed and control of the vehicle. it is advised to avoid the usage of cruise control system on the wet roads or during the rain.

Avoid sudden brakes

Sudden brakes at the time of the rains can damage the braking system. this is why it is suggested to slowly release the foot from the accelerator while stopping .

Make use of properly inflated wheels

It is obvious that after driving for a few miles, tires are tend to loose its pressure and cannot drive with carefully; This is why it is important to make use of inflated tires. This is the reason that car inspection in Brampton fully inspect the tires and repair it if required. You should also inspect the air pressure of the tires on your own in order to eliminate any major risk of losing the grip.

Avoid driving in the area where water is more accumulated

Areas which are prone to collect standing water, try to avoid driving at those areas. So, you must avoid driving at those areas where water accumulation is more.

What to do to handle hydroplaning?

  • The first thing you should do is to stay calm and slowly drive the vehicle as sudden braking or speeding can cause high risks.
  • Must keep you foot away from the accelerator to avoid further accidents.
  • Steer the car in the direction of the skidding; it will help in raging the control of the vehicle.


Hydroplaning is a situation which can take place even if it has just started to rain; this is why knowing how to handle and prevent it is very important. With the above-mentioned tips; hope you will be able to deal with the situation when it arrives. It is very important to stay calm and perform the required steps ion order to eliminate the further accidents. Maintaining your car wheels is also important so that it remains inflated and runs smoother on the roads. If you are looking for any car repair service in Brampton, then you must visit Harrad Auto Repair services, who provides the world-class car repair services.